Saturday is an appropriate day to sum up the week since there are no selections offered over the weekends. Unfortunately, this second week has been a poor one, with the bank having fallen to just over £1200. There were 23 selections tipped of which 5 won, though as the average odds backed were 2.92, this didnt stem the tide of losses. The odds limit for taking a bet is 4.5 so this is a system which does need a decent strike rate to succeed. Results for thuis week:

Running Bank £1213.65
23 bets, 5 winners, strike rate 21/7%


These results were reflected in the Plan, where the enhanced staking designed to recover the losses took it’s toll on the bank, showing a balance of £788, some £425 down on the level stakes balance. It seems that the combination of low odds and a poor strike rate are not the best conditions for the SBP.