HRP are hosting a Live Webinar regarding the Pay Your Bills VIP Maximum Discount offer which airs live this Saturday November 14th at 10am. It’s completely free and the HRP team will demonstrate the power of their service.

Also, all attendees are going to be able to access the launch of The Greyhound Predictor, and I’ll post a review of this in a few months’ time when I have some data.

Every Cashmaster subscriber who attends and gets involved will get a very special Mystery Gift worth a lot of money!

There will only be a very limited number of spots on the webinar. This is not sales jargon, as when you get to the end of the Webinar you will understand just why spaces are so limited.
If you haven’t yet registered then please do so here

Gav over at The Sporting Predictor is offering lifetime VIP packages for £2,497. This does seem a hefty price but it is a saving of £4,500 and you never have to pay a [HRP} monthly subscription**. Further you are automatically included in any future upgrades (tennis anyone? Coming soon) and access to everything Gav has to offer:










There is a lot on offer, and it is daunting when you first join. Please feel free to contact me in a chat box, there’s an Arthur Masterclass chat, or there is an Arthur’s Technical Workshop in “Daily Use” section, or drop me a question via the forum or Private Message me directly. I have done Zoom, skype, WhatsApp and phone sessions for folks to get them up and running, help is out there! I am NOT emplyed by HRP, I offer this service because I do like to help folks.

It is simply impossible to follow every system offered by these guys. I should do something with the Football Predictor but currently don’t. Neither do I do HRP USA nor HRP Australia, although there is a guru on site doing very well with Australia.

I started to use the Flip+It tool yesterday; this is a very nice tool available on VIP only that finds value in football matches that are in-play. Last night, for example, UAE were 1-2, it flagged a UAE win and later a late win, both bets won. Only just started with this so to early to provide a comment on, it may be part of November’s update.

Same is also true of the Greyhound bot, only started a few days ago and also only available to VIP.

There are some excellent threads on the forum to get you started with Horse Racing and Greyhound automation, so the forum is well worth visiting.

You have probably gathered by now that some 18 months after my initial review I am still a big fan of this site. Here is an excerpt from my forum post for October:

Bit of an odd month as I had to refocus halfway through it and reduce the number of systems I use.

Gav’s Pay Your Bills
This is one of the services that got culled because I was over-trading. My £500 start bank on 9th Sept stood at £779 four weeks later.

Gav’s new Mighty Tosh
Started at £250 and stood £351 before I screwed it up (entirely my fault). This was dropped as I was over-trading.

Goldmine Top3 (only available to VIP)
I do this manually.
I started this 6th September with £400, on 7th November the bank stood at £3,252, if I can use a calculator correctly that is 880% growth in roughly 9 weeks. It is wild with £30 on winners at 19.1 or £130 win at 7.61. You do need a lot of patience and discipline and to sort out your trading plan for this one, you can just bet the selections as posted.

Paper trading you build up experience for how to play this system.

Fav Max (Place Market)
Using my own selection process is doing very well in the place market.

£400 on 26th September is now £1,900. 475% growth in roughly 6 weeks.


I am still bank building at this stage. My aim is to get each system to £5k then just remove the daily profit as my income.

So, I have 2 manual methods that are my bread and butter. I have started testing Greyhounds, some automated horses and Flip+It. Only 1 of these systems is available to you if you are not a VIP.

If you haven’t yet registered for the webinar then please do so here.

** Note that whilst HRP selections for automation are free there are regular payments to TheBetMachine and Gruss Betting Assistant which are third parties and not part of this deal **