The Horse Race Predictor is now truly global.
This service now has three sensational sites to choose from – or ALL THREE!

  • HRP UK & IRE – 24/7 Coverage, Automation Package, Club Betting
  • HRP USA – 24/7 Coverage, Automation Package, Club Betting
  • HRP Australia – 24/7 Coverage, Automation Package, Club Betting

Choose your package, preferences and service level. It has never been simpler or better value to learn how to enhance your fortunes by successful betting for profit.

You see, while other services simply shut up shop when UK and Irish racing went into enforced lockdown, they rolled up their sleeves and engaged upon an exhaustive trawl of data for professional horse racing across the world.

They then applied their unique, fully proven, tested and verified predictive algorithms to them and can now offer 24/7 horse racing betting coverage alongside staking strategies which can transform your betting fortunes overnight.

Moreover, they are a fully alive and kicking service which is literally updating all day and every day, there has never been a better time to spend a few minutes a day learning about how to bet successfully and if you have the inclination, professionally.

They will show you how to do just that!

They will even provide you with fully automated betting software if you have no time to spare while you build up some much-needed extra money. This is truly the opportunity you have been waiting for.

They have now put together the HRP Super Package which offers a totally VIP experience and access all areas package to members at a fraction of the cost.

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