HyperFund Global upgraded their app a few weeks back with the ability to add new features as they go along. Migrating all the data from the old platform to the new platform had it’s inevitable hiccups but seems to have settled in now and all payments are up to date and rolling in very nicely every single day.
One new feature is the ability to deposit USDT on the Tron network, TRC-20, as this is currently 20x cheaper to do than using the previous Ethereum network’s ERC-20 version.

The Ethereum gas fees are ridiculous at the moment so this is a welcome upgrade.

With that in mind I’ve recorded a brand new video that explains, step-by-step, exactly how to do it, even if you have no idea what any of the above even means.

And you’ll also get a sneak peek into how I’ve been doing lately. It’s a bit of an eye opener….

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