Last year, over a period of three months from July to September, I was sent selections from a guy called Ian Broughton.

He claimed that since 2001 his method showed the following profits:

Now, the win percentage is very low, so I was expecting and got losing runs, but the winners came in at very high odds, so even staking just £10 on each selection, it still made a profit of £4,368 in 92 days.

He gave the selections out for free.

Well, this year he is selling is method. I got a copy and the rules are straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, it may even be possible to create a bot to find the selections according to the rules and to bet for you, I’ll be looking into this. It takes around 10-20 minutes to find the days selections and you can place all your bets in the morning on Betfair so ideal for working people. You only need the one free website to get all the information you need to run this system.

Since the system runs from May to September, I had a quick go and found 12 selections on the first day with two winners: Chilworthlad at BSP of 16.09 and Euston Square at BSP 20.28.

Needless to say this method is APPROVED and for a one off payment I definitely recommend this goes in your betting portfolio.

You can get your copy here:


UPDATE  June 2011

Last month I recommended a system called IB Gaming by Ian Broughton. I tested this system last year and it made a profit of £4,368 in 92 days to £10 stakes.

Last month was a bit of a damp squid for the system and Ian admits the system really comes into its own during June, July and August. Having said that, I was still surprised to see it threw up a winner yesterday at odds of 270 Betfair SP.

I got three e-mails almost immediately after the race from system users, one of whom was Guy who tests systems for us. They had all been on RILEYS CRANE in the 17:10 at Yarmouth with a minimal £2 stake and were rewarded with a profit of £538. Not bad for a £2 bet.

Guy will be doing regular updates of this years profits on the blog.



As some of the more frequent readers amounst you may know I have been trialling for the blog Ian Broughtons IB Gaming system. Fundamentally, this is a flat racing based selection system  that  BACKS long priced horses.

Seeing as the flat racing season ends today or thereabouts, I figured it is time to conclude my findings.

Last year this system made a stunning  436 points profit in 3 months. Unfortunately, the system trial that I ran made nothing near to this level of profit and I have been  running the system for the full season May-Sept.
Most notable this year, was  Rileys Crane on8th June at Yarmouth that ran home well at BSP of 270 –  £2 staking that I have been using, returned £538! This was however, the shining star of all winners this particular season.

Selections : 1,827

Winners : 107

Strike Rate : 5.9%

Overall P/L  : 55.5 pts

This is a profit. However it is a very modest return for a solid 150 days worth of staking…. and to put this into real perspective, were it not for the significant return on Rileys Crane – we would actually be facing a loss of approx. 179 points.

This has  disappointed me,  I had hoped for great things on the back of last years shining story but this is horse racing after all , which as we are all aware is often unpredicatable. I think this is simply one of those years that things were simply not in our favour. So, I will give this a ‘hesitant’ NEUTRAL rating for now. If reading this, you may think that a return of 55 points is fair over the timeframe considered then do buy the system. The selections are quite easy to determine and once practised you will have it down to a matter of 10 minutes or so to work through the daily racecard.

As an alternative to manully working through the daily racecards, you can subscribe to HorseRaceBase ( a fantastic racing database IMHO better than Adrian Masseys now defunct website), and automate the selection process, having the selections emailed to you. (This is a real ‘pleaser’, I can tell you!)

I will be watching closely next year…..

You can get your copy here: