If you want to lay your hands on the latest piece of smartphone technology, on the earliest possible date of delivery, at either no cost or no cost plus extra currency back in your hands there is a limited time window to do it.

Here are the deals:

1) BEST DEAL !! Spend €4,000 (euros) get the K1 Impulse Voice-over-Blockchain phone and €12,000 (euros) back in currency. Yup, spend €4k and get €12k back AND get a Karatbars VIP business position for FREE!

2) Spend €2,850 get the K1 Impulse and €4,275 in currency back.

3) Spend €1,750 get the K1 Impulse and €1,750 in currency back.

4) Spend €1,250 get the phone and €1,250 in currency back… still a good deal because you get the phone for free.

In all cases this is a pre-order deal (that’s why it is so attractive), the phone is likely to arrive in either October 2019 or maybe late September. So whilst you will get an invoice/receipt (that will be on site immediately after purchase for you to download and keep), you will not get the goods for a few months.

The phone comes in 3 colours (army, carbon or gold). They all look really good but I especially liked the gold.

The currency is KCB coins to the values stated and you will be able to exchange these for USD, EURO, GBP etc. in October 2019 through the Karatbit Exchange. Yes, really, and it is quite possible that if you hold on to these babies a little longer they could be worth much more.

So it really is an amazing deal.

The K1 Impulse phone is incredible. It comes with military grade security, it is totally private and everything you do on it is encrypted. It can be linked through satellite, so useable, literally, anywhere on Earth and, of course, all the normal smartphone stuff comes on top.

It really is the smartest smartphone you will be able to buy. And Karatbars International has the intellectual property on the encryption software and the patent on all the fancy bits including the incredible Cryptodata software.

But best of all, no matter how you look at it, no matter what you think, regardless of what your inner brain is telling you, it is FREE and, amazingly, package 1 and 2 will also give you real profit back too.

I bet you’d order the latest iPhone all day long if Apple paid you three times the money to buy it, right?

Click here for the K1 IMpulse Initial Brochure

Yes you have to join Karatbars – yes it means filling out a little online form and doing a little ID checking stuff but we all have to do that all of the time these days. It takes a few minutes, that’s all. Even a bookmaker wants that from you just so he can take your money!

So just click the link below, go in as affiliate as that gives you more choice – make sure you use an email address that you can get emails to because you will have to click a verify email link. Gmail are generally the best for this. Then do the KYC and order the phone (you’ll find it under Product Purchase > K1 Impulse Phone).

That’s it – simple!

You’ll have the most sophisticated phone on the planet and €12,000 too if you go for Option 1!

Go here to get your phone on pre-order