This is a “one-off” review of the In Play Profit Generator by Clive Keeling

What we have here is an instructional e-book with several accompanying videos showing how to trade in three different in-play football markets.

On the whole, the book is quite well written and easy to follow. There is clear advice on which websites to use for your research and game/market selection as well as which trading software to use. The author recommends two in particular, the one he personally uses does need to be bought at an extra expense but he does also recommend a free to use product that is perfectly adequate. At no point do you feel you are being pushed to sign up for subscriptions to any other product or service, in fact there is also a section of the book showing how to work out the bet required to “Green-Up” your trade manually to ensure a profit no matter what the outcome of the match.

The first two strategies put forward are well explained and would be easily followed by a total novice trader. The examples used are realistic in their odds price and the advice given on how to place and manage your trade is pretty sound and at the lower end of the risk scale, which is a very good thing. It is important to state that there are no claims of Lay The Draw and the odds will double after a goal, the odds movement shown in examples are, in my opinion, realistic. A minor complaint would be that the author does not use the same staking in all the examples, these vary from a realistic £50 to a less likely £500 but the principles are sound and profits will grow with compounding, but using the staking plan included you would need a £10,000 bank to be staking £500. I am a little disappointed with the author’s use of these big differences as it feels he is over stating the potential profits when the more realistic, smaller staking is perfectly capable of making a worthwhile profit that will grow with compounding the stakes as your bank increases.

Less good is the third strategy. The instructions are less clear and I was a little more concerned about the examples used and profit potential claimed. You are advised to place several bets in different areas of the same market and to trade out when a profit becomes possible on each bet. It’s impossible to go into too much detail without giving the game away but suffice it to say that I’m sceptical that the prices actually achievable for winning trades would leave too much over all profit after any losing stakes are deducted. But to be fair, you are advised to use reduced stakes for this method and it is fair to say that if everything goes to plan it can be very lucrative.

There is a section on money management provided and it is really very sensible advice. There is even a section that shows you how to restrict how much Betfair will let you deposit. You are instructed to keep stakes small and increase them as your bank grows. Each bet will be a set percentage of your bank. Any Lay First trades are set at the same percentage liability, so if your stake is due to be £50 then you would set this figure as your maximum liability. This is sensible advice that avoids risking too much of your bank on any one trade. I have an issue with an example used in the video that covers staking in that a Lay bet is shown that I cannot see being realistic. It is a heavy odds-on bet that I cannot possibly see being selected as a Lay using the book’s instructions.

On the whole these are fairly small quibbles/annoyances with what would be a good basic introduction to the principles of in play trading on three of the most liquid betting exchange markets. The purchase price is a bit on the steep side but there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the book.

I would not recommend this system for experienced traders as they will no doubt already be familiar with the techniques described but for somebody new to the idea of trading football markets then this would be a very good introduction and, as there is the reassurance of a money back guarantee from the publishers, I would recommend this be filed under APPROVED. I do feel that the first two strategies in particular are worthwhile and that if followed with the careful bank management described in the book they would allow a new trader to make back the initial purchase price and then go on to make good profits.

No Longer Available.