Tony ‘The Badger’ Hargraves has just released his latest offering with his In Running Guide. I’m a big fan of Tony’s, having been to one of his trading workshops and watched him make money live on Betfair. If you don’t know of Tony, he makes a full time living trading on Betfair and has built a reputation as one of the foremost Betfair traders in the U.K.

He was the sole trainer used by Betfair UK to teach their VIP clients and key accounts how to trade on sport and horse racing. He’s trained over 1000 Betfair clients and more than that number again privately, working with a London based company, running monthly training courses.

Tony has written books on trading in football, cricket, tennis and horse racing but this new book specifically concentrates on In Running horse racing rather than pre-off, so you will learn how to profit during the actual running of the race.

The book is really well written and includes 15 unique videos and individual strategies showing Tony trading the races live, explaining what is going on, what he looks for and how to copy him. They are fascinating to watch and a brilliant way to learn for yourself. I’d recommend picking one of the strategies and learning that yourself then, once you’re confident in that particular strategy you can go back and pick another one and learn that and build it up from there. Before long you’ll have mastered all the strategies and should be able to trade in every single race should you wish.

During the videos you see Tony making anything from £20 to £100 per race, with low stakes and low risk. He uses the BetTrader software to place his bets (available here) and is often in and out of trades in a matter of seconds. Much of the work is done automatically with the BetTrader software and you can watch the races live for free with the Betfair live feed that allows you to watch any race you’ve bet on.

The book covers strategies such as:

– Sprints and Flat Racing
– Laying at the rear in a slowly run race
– Looking for a horse that will lead and drop in price
– Expected to run well
– Looking for a slow starter and laying straight after jumping.
– Lay the leader
– Missing the trade
– Hurdles
– Four Tick offset strategy
– Small fields or only two obvious chances
– Laying a big priced leader at a much lower price.
– Laying the leader in a quickly run race
– Front of the huddle
– Strategy Rear of the pack
– Laying at the rear of the field in a big field.
– Chasing
– Automated strategies
– Lay the Field

Tony covers exactly how to identify which particular strategy suits which particular race so with this book alone (and the BetTrader software) you can learn to be a professional Betfair trader yourself, whether you want to make money from trading part time, or are looking for a full time income from it.

It’s an excellent book and a must for anyone interested in making a living from Betfair.

You can get the In Running Guide here: