This is an update on my progress with In Running Trading since the conclusion of the 12 week trial that ended on 9 Sep 16.

The system now supports a Desktop App which makes for an almost instant download of the data. Along with this rapid download, the data also contains all of the details required to make selections plus the official rating (OR) achieved for each race.

Using some simple logical filters – 9 in all – it sounds a lot but with very little practice they are easy to follow and are to be found under In Running Trading on the blog.

With these filters I have completed testing the results for the period 26 June 16 – 8 Nov 16 and managed a total of 127 qualifying selections of which 104 dobbed- a strike rate of 82% and a gain of some 76 points. My longest winning run was 16 and the longest losing run that occurred was 2 (3 times).

I will post results again in February 2017 at the height of the NH and Aw seasons but looking at the gains to date this would equate, if it continues, to some 200 plus points a year.

You can see my full results HERE.

You can get In Running Trading here: