Dobbing is a betting technique whereby you place a back bet on a horse at or close to the BSP, then place a lay bet to keep in running at half the odds, with double the stake.

If the horse hits the lower price in running you win your stake amount as an Even money bet.

For example, you back a horse for £10 at odds of 10.0 on Betfair. The potential profit if it wins is £90 but you lose £10 if it loses, and it’s likely to lose at odds of 10. But you also place a Lay bet at odds of 5.0 for £20 (liability £80). This won’t get matched at the time because the odds are currently around 10, so you click on Keep to keep the bet live in running.

If the horse does nothing and never really shows an interest during the race then all that happens is you lose your initial £10 stake. However, if the horse runs well, the odds on it will drop during the race and if they drop low enough for your lay bet to get matched at 5.0 then you win £10 regardless of the outcome (if it wins, you win £90 but lose £80 on the lay bet. If it loses, you lose your £10 back stake, but win £20 on the lay bet).

So if you have a way of identifying horses that are likely to run well so that the odds drop during the race, then you have a very nice method of making regular wins regardless if the horse in question wins or not.

Ian over at In Running Trading has posted a short video on how to find simple Dobbing opportunities every day using the In Running Trading Tool.

It shows how to run through each race of the day or use the DOB tab on the software to filter any selections by Dobbing profit.

Doug, our CashMaster reviewer, has made over £1,300 to £20 stakes after commission since 28 June using this tool.

Do take a look today when you have a spare five minutes:

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