Update by Ian Welch

I have been testing 3 systems on the In Running Trading Tool forum over the past few weeks and have looked over one of them today that has had a decent enough start to what is nearly a months results now.

I have attached a copy of the results HERE going by the rules and the staking plan below.

I initially looked at this idea to find a small drop in running but surprisingly the better profit has been made from what I believe is called Trobbing (not Dobbing), where you back at BSP and then lay off at a third of that price, with triple the stake.

If successful this gives you a win at 2/1 less any commission and I have posted the rules for this at the bottom of this email.

It is a very simple method and only takes three or four minutes each day to find the selections – one reason why I really like this idea!


A number of the selections started at below 3.5 which makes finding a percentage drop quite difficult but changing the staking slightly does still allow those horses at short odds to be backed.

I have set it up in the results with the following:

1. BSP of 3.5 and over, then a straight ‘Trob’. So £20 back bet, with a lay bet at a third of that price for a stake of £60.

As I say, if this is successful then you get a 2/1 win, £40 less commission.

2. BSP of under 3.5 then place a normal £20 win bet on the horse.

Price range seems to make a big difference here as you will see on the attached results, as only trading or betting on those with a BSP of less than 10.0 gives a 19.8 point profit, whereas those with a BSP of 10.0 or bigger gives a small 0.2 point profit.

In the BSP% column on the attached results sheet, we are looking for those that drop to 33% of the BSP or more for the Trob bets and just doing those under 10.0 has still provided 42 bets so far.


Once the days races are downloaded, open the BackToLay80% tab and make sure the Gold% is set to 65% in the Settings.

You then select any horse that has had at least 10 runs that has a score of 85% or more in the GoldPerc column.

And that’s it!

If you do not yet have the In Running Trading Tool, then you can get it on the link below and just using £20 stakes would have made you over 4 times the cost of this so far using this idea in under one month of testing.


There are many more ideas being tested on the Forum too which is open to all those who own a copy of the In Running Trading Tool.