Inform Racing, a company that has provided Speed Ratings since 2003, has produced a rather neat method of enabling basic trading on races. The system “In Running Trading” costs  £47 for a lifetime licence to operate the package, and a  computer loaded with Excel together with a Betfair or a Betdaq account will be required.

Downloaded, the race data comprises listings of historical BSP and lowest “in running” prices for  each runner  displayed on a spreadsheet. The macro enables the user to view  the best opportunities for the would be  “back to lay” and “Dobbing” trader. Having signed up for the system you then get a manual with instructions on how to download data and which also covers all the potential methods of using the data.

For the first month of this trial I shall concentrate on “Dobbing”. For newcomers this is Backing before the off and then putting up a Lay bet at half the Back price and double the stake looking to be matched in running- i.e double or bust=D.O.B. This provides, when both sides of a bet are matched, an “Evens” return less Betfair commissions, regardless of the final outcome of the race. In the event that the Lay bet is unmatched then the loss will be the sum on the Back bet.

As the data can be open to interpretation there will be no hard and fast selections for a race or indeed which races should be selected. That said, the manual does guide the user toward the most successful methods.

For Dobbing I am using handicap races for older horses with 15 or less runners and then looking at class, going – and for flat/AW races the draw- also projected BSP for the likely selections rather than relying on just the historical data.

I have decided to start with a £50 bank and on day 1 the back will be £2 and thus £4 per lay per selection.

For the period 25th June -1st July inclusive I found 9 selections and managed to “Dob” all of them. I took all the Back bets at 2 mins before the post time to enable plenty of time to set up the Lay Bet to be matched in running.

Date Course Time Selection Back Lay Result Profit/Loss
25/6/16 Windsor 1515 Desert Encounter 7.8 3.9 1st 0.95
25/6/16 Chester 1635 King Crimson 7.0 3.5 10th 0.95
25/6/16 Newcastle 1650 Be Perfect 5.6 2.8 1st 0.95
26/6/16 Uttoxeter 1500 One for the Guvnr 6.6 3.3 6th 0.95
26/6/16 Uttoxeter 1710 Carre Noir 7.6 3.8 3td 0.95
28/6/16 Stratford 1850 Cruchain 12.0 6.0 1st 0.95
28/6/16 Stratford 1950 One for the Boss 9.0 4.5 1st 0.95
29/6/16 Perth 1540 Dr Moloney 8.0 4.0 3rd 0.95
1/7/16 Beverley 1915 Relight My Fire 7.0 3.5 2nd 0.95


You can try In Running Trading here: