One of the quickest and simplest ways of finding value (and making a profit!) is to spot where a particular set of circumstances are currently being underbet.

If you can see that backing Trainer A under particular circumstances (right track, right jockey, right type of race) has made a profit in the past, you can reasonably assume that that set of circumstances is being underbet and will produce a profit going forward.

That’s what my colleague Kieran Ward has done in his ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ manual that you can pick up today – gratis!

He’s identified three trainers that have made exceptional profits in each of November, December and January – when backed under their ‘optimum circumstances’.

When combined these 9 profit angles have produced 565.05 points profit since November 2015!

That equates to £11,300.89 when backed at £20 level stakes.

Even better than that he’s identified a cautious staking plan which would have increased those profits to £169,389.53 in the same period!

It’s a quality manual that highlights some very profitable angles – don’t miss it!

Get ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ completely free now.