Yes, I know, more Black Friday stuff. Everyone is at it and even though I’m a miserable cad who would normally mumble “Down with this sort of thing”, I find myself getting drawn into buying the inevitable bargains as they come along.

I’ve got one more for you today from Ian over at Inform Racing.

Does he do Black Friday deals generally?

Not really.

But he just thought this year he would give some free trial members the opportunity to get involved in full for a real good price.

It is only here today and will be removed on Saturday morning.

The current 12 month price is £200, or actually £280 if you are paying £70 for each three months.

Today, get 12 months full access for just £125 and then, if you continue again into the future it will be just £100 each year.

  • That is for all speed ratings at every meeting.
  • All of the race card features.
  • Unlimited access to the system builder and declarations builder.
  • Unlimited access the new betting tissue tool, which we will be adding to and making even better very soon.

If you don’t take up this offer today, that’s by the end of November 29th, the offer will be gone.

They have over 1,000 subscribers who use the speed ratings and one of them emailed Ian at the weekend.

“Good morning Ian,

Thanks for the emails, there is always something each and every one of us can glean from them.

I would just like to mention that I tested a method using the ratings and from 1st Oct to 18th Nov, starting with 5% per bet of an initial £200 bank, the end product at 18th Nov was £8,332.00.
I have stopped ‘paper trading’ now and started for real on the 19th Nov. Three from Four to date with an early 30% profit on the bank.

I’m very reluctant to give away what I am doing but extend my wholehearted thanks to you and your ratings.

Kind regards,


Don’t miss out on this offer. There will be no extension after today, so get hitting the link below now.

Black Friday Offer