Earlier this month, I posted an item on this blog about the class pars data on Inform Racing website, and how I won £115 for a £2 stake backing the unfancied Monsaraz at Pontefract. Today at York in the 3.45, I could see at the top of the class pars was Summer Moon and Makawee, both of them unfancied, so I backed each to win for minimum stakes (£2) plus £2 each in the extra place (5) market.

Summer Moon won the race at odds of 24, and Makawee came 3rd at 41. I won £43 on the win bets, and £16 on the place bets. Not bad for £2 stakes.

Very soon after, in the 3.55 at Bath, I spotted this:

And so, had another two quid on Concierge at 12, and the horse duly obliged, so another £21 up. The good results continued in the Bath 6.00. Following the class pars, my top three were Some Picture, Never Said Nothing, and Muritz. I happily won with Muritz at 15 in the fog at Bath, but pretty pleased with myself to have backed the forecasts of these three. Never Said Nothing Came second, as you can see, this was a decent forecast for my minimum stakes!!

Even this didn’t please me as much as the final race at Bath. I may not have won as much, but looking at the class pars, there were four potential winners. There was no forecast market for this one on Betfair, otherwise I would have been tempted. Anyway, these were my top four, and I duly backed them for the minimum stake: Mizen Master, Russian Ruler, Affair Sinndarella

As you can see, these were the first four past the post, and well ahead of the fifth

If only I’d done the forecast and tricast!!

Of course, there have been many occasions between these blogs which have failed to win. But I think it’s definitely worth looking into further. You may find other reasons to back a horse. For example, both Summer Moon and Mawakee were relaxed by the handicapper (spot the green -2 in the OR column); and Mawakee was down in class of race (-1 in the Cls column).

Inform Racing‘s website is a user’s dream, easy to find your way round and easy to order a field by any of the columns. I also venture into daily stats table, and you’ll find a link to this underneath each race.

For the price of a pint of beer a week, I wouldn’t be without it. You can sign up to Inform Racing here.