Anyone who has waited for a bus knows the routine: you wait far longer than you should, then three come along at once.

The problem plagues buses, trains and even lifts but it also seems to apply to tipping services.

Given the amount of dross we’ve reviewed over the years it’s always really nice when we find a service that makes a great profit for it’s subscribers. If you got my email yesterday, you’ll know we’ve recently hit upon one of those.

And here I am today, telling you about another one!

Yes, I’m pleased to report I’ve found another superb horse racing service, this time from the Matthew Walton stable.

And what I really like about this one, as someone that has had ALL his bookmaker accounts gubbed over the years, is that this makes a superb profit to Betfair SP!

In fact it’s made 127.82 points BSP since the end of March this year. And, before you ask, yes that’s to 1 point per bet.

Download the full results here

What’s even more surprising (or perhaps not), is that this service targets Irish racing!

Any of you seasoned horse racing bettors out there know how “tricky” Irish horse racing can be. I’m not saying, nor even implying, that Irish racing is in any way, erm… bent… I’m just saying that for one reason or another it’s not as straightforward as you might expect.

It seems that those “in the know” appear to be able to make an extraordinary return from Irish racing, so if you fancy getting information straight from the horses mouth (sorry…) then have a look at the Irish Cash Consortium.

As with all of Matthews offerings, it comes with a fully protected refund guarantee too!

Check it out here