I’m ending this trial.

The selection email this week did have realistic prices but also spoke of the midweek selections that all won giving nearly 7pts profit. I did not receive any selections midweek.

Now emails do go astray from time to time but they did manage to send me yet another “Offer” email on Tuesday. That one got through ok. That offer was for a trial of a service he recommended called “Evergreen Bets”, he claimed they achieved 127% ROI weekly.

If you click the link in our Current System Tests for The Italia Job, you will see that their sales page has now completely changed and the service is now the aforementioned Evergreen Bets.

The facts we have established so far are:  they cannot be trusted on bet price availability, they do not answer emails, big winning selections have not been received and now it seems they have changed their name after first trying to get you to sign up for a trial by claiming it was entirely separate service.

Any ONE of those factors would result in me giving negative warning comments in my review and, depending on how severe the issues, would almost certainly lead to an automatic fail.

Given that they have ALL happened in the 3 WEEKS we have been following them and the number of Offer Emails I have received over the same period, there is no possibility at all of me giving this anything other than a FAILED rating.

I will not waste my time on services that continually prove to be untrustworthy and I certainly won’t encourage readers of this blog to jump on board.

On a side note, the results haven’t been worth getting excited about anyway. It’s around 1 point up after this weekend’s results.


The Italia Job is no longer available and has been replaced with Evergreen Bets…. Avoid!