I find myself on the horns of a dilemma with this service. I am sorely tempted to end the trial and fail it after only 2 weeks. It is not down to the actual selections as they have returned a small profit of 1.1 points. Hence the dilemma.

Last weekend, the first of our trial, I received the bets and immediately checked the prices quoted were in line with what was available on Oddschecker. They were, with 2 big exceptions. Both prices given for bets marked “Double Chance” were massively out of whack with those available. I emailed the author as one game was much later that night and the other not kicking off til the next day. I asked where he sourced his prices as they were way out. He had quoted 1.8 & 1.95 for Double Chance and the very best I could get were 1.33 and 1.36. I also asked him to make sure he was using the term Double Chance in the same way bookmakers use it, the named team to EITHER win or draw the match.

I received an email saying all prices were taken from Paddy Power website. No mention of the bet type query. I checked on Oddschecker to see the historical odds listed for Power’s, they were even lower than those I’d found. The best they had ever been was 1.25 & 1.3. I checked the prices for other markets to see if I could figure out what he had meant, I checked things like Draw No Bet etc. Nothing was in the ballpark of his quote. I sent another polite email saying that I needed clarification of the bet type as there was no possible way you can get 1.95 on Double Chance for a team with Outright Win odds of around 2.30. No response was received.

This problem came up again on Saturday this week. AC Milan were given as a Double Chance bet and the price quoted was 2.50. Again, no way that’s going to be right. The actual price was 1.50, pretty much across the board. Another email was sent, this time slightly less polite, saying that they were either giving out the wrong bet type or they were deliberately misleading customers and please clarify the reason for this huge disparity ASAP. Again, no response. The odd thing is that all other prices, for straight win bets, have been easily available and often there have been slightly better offers on Oddschecker.

That last fact is the only reason the trial hasn’t been stopped already. Why massively exaggerate one bet type whilst almost slightly understating the others? If there’s an honest reason, why not answer my emails? All very confusing and not exactly professional.

Another issue I have with this service is the amount of “Offers” received since I signed up. I really dislike this sort of thing. I actually received “Exclusive Invitations” from them before they’d even sent a single selection.

I’d welcome any comments on this post from readers with opinions on whether to continue with the trial or to move on to a more professional and straight forward service. My intention, at the moment, is to give them one more week to sort this out. If the next batch of selections contain the same issues, then I am ending the trial then and there. There’s not exactly a shortage of tipsters and systems out there, I’m more than happy to move on to something new.

Anyway, here are the results so far:

Bets 21

Wins 13

S/R 61.90%

Av odds 1.94

Profit +£11.30 (to £10 level stakes)


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