I am starting a new trial of iWinSoccerBets. We did initially start a trial in June but the reviewer was unable to continue.

The service costs £29 per month, with cheaper deals available for longer subscription periods.

Selections are obtained from the members area of the website, I have been told that an email reminder service will be starting up this week.

This service is different from the usual tipster services in that there are tips available for free if you just register on the site. You have the option of signing up for VIP tips, which the owners claim have a better long term level of profitablity than the free tips. Obviously, for the purpose of the trial I will be recording both free and VIP parts of the service.

Bets are available up to 7 days in advance of the game, the first screen you see when you log in shows you the “Top Picks” currently available. You can then click a tab and see the “Best of the Rest”. This lists all the bets advised for the week (selections are added on Monday & Thursday mornings) and you will see the selections available to your level of membership.

The bets are very clearly written out and cover most of the usual score and stat type bets. By default, all bets are advised as 1 point bets but you can also click a tick box to see what the owners recommend as their Advised Stake.

It all sounds rather muddly but is actually really quite clear when you are looking at the screen.

What is a little problematic, is how I best go about recording results and reflecting what type of bet/staking/membership is going to be the most profitable. So I’ve written a new spreadsheet to record and separte all the different factors. Free bets, Vip Bets, Top Picks, Basic Stake and Advised ataking all have to be clearly viewable.

I did email to ask about starting bank and staking levels. They say that customers are free to choose their own level of risk and they did explain to be the way they calcuate their staking advice. That method would be totally unsuitable for the vast majority of customers, so I’ve said that I’m going to use the standard £1000 bank made up of 100 points. They record all their profit and loss figures to £100 stakes, as I seriously doubt many readers would be betting at that level, I’m much more comfortable recording to £10 a point.

After last weekends fixtures, the basic bank is 0.5 points down and the advised bank is 4.5 down.