This service didn’t provide any tips at all during the recent interlull, so this is the first update since the original introduction.

The tips are given in three categories; Free, VIP and Top Picks. The only profitable ones so far are the Top Picks, which are 2.96 points in profit using straight 1 point bets and 3.56 points using advised staking.

The worst performing method so far is VIP tips using advised staking, which you would think would be the best option but has racked up losses of 10.5 points.

The overall banks for backing all tips regardless of categories now stand at:

Basic Level Staking; -7.71 points

Advised Staking; – 19.2 points.

The Top Picks are actually working really quite well so far with a strike rate of 83.33%.

It’s far too early to make any proper decisions but there are definite trends appearing.