It’s been a few weeks since my last update on this service.

The problem I have with reporting on it is that as they provide tips up to a week in advance, it’s impossible for me to upload my spreadsheet without giving away a raft of open bets.

As this is yet another interlull week (yawn), I have the ideal opportunity to bring you up to date.

After a tricky start, they’ve bounced back quite well and the overall basic staking bank has recovered all losses and is just under two points in profit. The advised staking bank is still in negative territory but has clawed back some ground, it now stands at just over six points down.

Where this service differs from most of the competition, is the way tips are split into different categories. You have Top Picks, with some being Free and some being only for VIP members, and then you have Best of the Rest tips, again split into Free & VIP selections.

I have managed to drill down the data and show how each section is performing. Interestingly, the best performing selections are the Free Top Picks. So far, all the categories are performing far better with Basic Staking rather than the Advised Stake method.