We have now come to the end of the tree month trial for this service.

This is a rather different service to the usual affair, you can just sign up and get access to a few Free Tips area or pay for a subscription to access the VIP Tips.

This was a rather messy service to record results for as I needed to keep track of both the Free & VIP plus the Top Tips area, then there’s a Best of the Rest section and finally I needed to keep results for all of them as an overall bank. There’s also two types of staking to choose from, Basic and Advised.

The only section to make a profit during our trial was the Top Tips area, with the Free Top Tips making 5.22 points and the VIP contributing 2.97 points basic staking (3.91 advised), giving a total of 8.19 profit with basic staking and 9.13 with advised staking.

The overall bank ended 2.7 points down with basic staking and a loss of 8.9 points if using advised staking.

Obviously an Approved rating is out of the running.

If you’d registered on their website and only taken account of the Free Bets in the Top Tips area you would have made 5 points from 16 bets durin the entire 3 month period. Although the VIP Top Tips did return a small profit, it wouldn’t cover the cost of subscription if betting at £10 a point.

I’m afraid the only real option is for this to be filed under FAILED.