JCA Racing is a betting service that will be very easy to test. They offer back bets to be used with a progressive staking plan but the cool thing about this particular service is that the subscription also includes a betting bot that is hosted on their own server which places all the bets for you. You do get sent an e-mail each day with the days selections plus they are available in the members area of the website, so you can place the bets yourself if you prefer, but by far the simplest thing to do is to use the bot.

Now, I’m wary of giving out my Betfair username and password, so for this test I set up a separate Betfair account, funded it with £500, and used that.

You get to choose what level of risk you want to take, aiming for a profit per race of 0.33, 0.45, or 0.6% of bank. I have opted for 0.45 to see how it does.

Just like my own Cash Master system, this service doesn’t blindly keep increasing the stakes hoping for a winner. When it hit’s a losing run, it stops the sequence and goes into recovery mode by splitting the current loss over a series of smaller cycles. Again, this is all done automatically by the bot.

Since the bot is hosted on their own site, there really is nothing more to do once you’ve set it up. You don’t even need to turn it on each morning. Theoretically, if it proves to be profitable, all you would need to do is withdraw your winnings every now and then.

I started using this on Friday 19th February. They don’t bet on Saturdays so I’ve had six days of betting and my balance currently stands at £527.02. This isn’t bad at all. They seem to have a pretty high strike rate too. I’ll update this daily from now on.