The New Website and Service

I’m sorry this review of the new website and changes to the service has taken so long but the new website is not easy to find and extract the information.  When drafting this review I kept finding things that caused me to redraft.  This may become clear in what follows or you can go and have a look around yourself at John Anthony Signals.  The new website is more modern and professional looking than before in design and explains more about the position of John Anthony, the services both now and for the future and why they are offering the basic service for free … I’ll leave it for you to go and read up on it yourselves.

Much of the actual content of the new website is the same as before but about half way down the landing page is an “Important Message From John Anthony”.  This introduces the autotrade service explaining how they went about it and that two services are being offered, a conservative strategy where they expect 1 trade per day looking to make 20 – 40 pips profit and a higher risk strategy where they expect 5 or more trades per day but with lower pip target per trade and of course possibly more losing trades.  They are hoping the risk adverse system will make around 10%-15% per month on average and the higher risk strategy to make 25% per month average or more.

There is no obvious link on the page to take me to a sign-up or learn more page but then they do say in an update on another page that the auto service is due to start end September.  At the bottom of the page is a link to “Auto Forex” but don’t let that fool you!  That takes you to a page titled JAFX Launch last updated 08/05/15.  Click the one below that, Nadex Signals and you are taken to JAX Signals!  (Clear?)  Here there is a very obvious invitation dead centre of the screen to “Get Started” but resist that for now and scroll down and you will find details of what’s on offer.  There is a claim of turning an account of $500 created on 17/08/15 into $1089 on 15/09/15 followed by a table of how they did it (but I noticed there was not one losing trade in the table … maybe!).  Below the table is a “Play Video” invitation implying it will show you how to set the service up but it doesn’t, it just jumps down the page to the pricing options:  7 day Free Trial, $99 pm for a manual trading subscription (not sure what the difference is between this and the Free service) and for $149 pm the auto Signals account which is “coming soon”.  Keep scrolling down and you will find a JAX Auto Trading Update that I referred to earlier advising they hope to launch the Auto service at the end of September and that initially they are thinking of limiting to 500 spaces and dangle a carrot to join the $99 Manual service as priority for the Auto service spaces will be given to the Manual signals members.  (Note:  I have no idea why the link is displayed as “Nadex Signals” nor if the $99 service is different to the now Free service.  I will email and ask re the latter.)

I tried clicking on the Free Trial link and was taken to a registration and PayPal page so I aborted!

BTW if you click the Get Started link at the top of that page you are scrolled down to the Sign-up links.

To demonstrate the haphazard nature of the website I did find in my browsing a page with links to download software for Windows and Mac but I can’t find it now!  I’ll let you know if I do and will report what it does.

Anyway, in summary.  I am disappointed the new website didn’t bring the new Auto service with it but at least you can now follow the Signals in real time for free.  I will continue with the old review for now (and revert back to the full name of John Anthony Signals until the new service is launched) and start the process of bringing it up to date.  Please note my comments re the website are about the website and not the product which remains in my view one worth persevering with in the hope they can overcome the difficulty of being aware that a new Signal has been issued and the inevitable time delay in being able to action it.

Link to previous blog (UPDATE – ALL CHANGE PLEASE (and it’s FREE!))