John Anthony System – Initial Notes

Hi … Graham asked me to look at this service (the service) because I wanted something with a financial bent.  My first reaction was …  but, it’s Forex Binary Options! (BO)   I say ‘but …’ because I looked at BO’s when they first became fashionable and after dipping a toe in I felt the overround they effectively work to is too much of a disadvantage (you have to win 3 out of 5 to break even) but … Graham pointed out these guys claim to make a good profit so I thought I would have a look and unlike many other such services they are not linked/tied to a sole BO dealer.  I’m more than happy to be shown the error of my reasoning if it makes a profit for me.  🙂

The service will not be suitable for everyone.  To follow the service you will need …

  1. A BO account
  2. As much access to your computer as possible
  3. The sound should be ‘on’ as a new trade is announced by a bell sound
  4. The ability to act on a trade signal asap

If you don’t already have a BO account the website points you in the direction of some providers.  A reminder of a warning here, you should do your due diligence before opening a BO account the same as you should always do when giving somebody your money to hold.  You will be placing your money in the care of the BO dealer and, in business, ‘accidents’ can happen and if they do you may lose your funds if the BO dealer is not solvent and your funds are not ring-fenced.  NOTE:  as I have already said there is no direct connection between this service and any of the BO dealers put forward by the service so the choice of BO dealer is entirely up to you, you can use your existing provider if you have one.  This gives the service a factor of independence and no conflict of interest.  Many BO systems out there are marketing extensions of the BO provider you can usually spot them because they tie you to the one provider.  BO providers make their money per deal so the more deals you make the more money they make.  They are not concerned with the profit/loss of the deal so a system that does lots of deals is good for them regardless of whether it’s good for you!

The system runs from a webpage and requires you to be at your computer and aware of what’s going on!  You can run it in the background while you do other things but you must be within earshot so that you hear the bell sound when a new trade is announced.  You then go to the webpage window to read the trade details and action it with your BO provider so it’s as well to have their website already open as well.  Forex markets move very fast and the price can quickly run away from you.  I am probably a member of the main target market for this service.  I am at home all day and work in the main at my computer but no world is perfect as you will see from the daily activity later.

I’ll now move on to actually living with the service.

Monday 22/06

I got the go-ahead to monitor this service at about 13:00.  There were two signals at 17:14 and 17:18 that I missed because the sound had crashed on my computer and I didn’t find the silence strange as I usually have the sound off because of the irritating videos played by websites.  There was a further signal at 19:18 when I was having dinner!  Here is how those signals performed …

Date Signal Time Expiry Time Direction Asset Asset Win Rate Target Price End Price Result Est. Return
22-Jun-15 17:14 17:30 Down NZD/CHF 72% 0.63288 0.63230 Won 0.72
22-Jun-15 17:18 17:30 UP AUD/NZD 65% 1.12560 1.12526 Lost -1.00
22-Jun-15 19:18 19:30 Down CAD/JPY 69% 100.245 100.249 Lost -1.00
Day Total -1.28

Oh well, at least I saved myself 1.28 points from 3 signals I was unable to follow!

Tuesday 23/06

Now I’m an early bird and at my computer by 06:00 most mornings but I had already missed 3 trades this morning.  And as Sod’s would predict … all winning!  I then missed the trades at 7:03 and 7:04 while making my second cup of coffee and the one at 18:51 while cooking dinner and pouring another glass of red!

Date Signal Time Expiry Time Direction Asset Asset Win Rate Target Price End Price Result Est. Return
23-Jun-15 03:22 03:30 UP EUR/USD 67% 1.12957 1.13037 Won 0.67
23-Jun-15 03:49 04:00 Down USD/CHF 72% 0.92795 0.92788 Won 0.72
23-Jun-15 04:47 05:00 Down NZD/CHF 72% 0.63627 0.63573 Won 0.72
23-Jun-15 07:03 07:15 Down AUD/JPY 69% 95.4800 95.3990 Won 0.69
23-Jun-15 07:04 07:30 Down AUD/CHF 70% 0.71642 0.71607 Won 0.70
23-Jun-15 18:51 19:00 Down NZD/CHF 72% 0.64007 0.63957 Won 0.72
Day Total 4.22

Mr Sod had the last laugh, a whole day wasted trying not to miss a signal and 4.22 points of profit I didn’t get.

So the running total for the week is a possible +2.94 from 9 signals.

Wednesday 24/06

Here we go again, there were 3 missed signals to welcome me this morning but at least two of them lost so saving me money, at 15:05 I had a power cut and at 20:07 I was having dinner!

Date Signal Time Expiry Time Direction Asset Asset Win Rate Target Price End Price Result Est. Return
24-Jun-15 03:38 03:45 Down CAD/JPY 69% 100.550 100.541 Won 0.69
24-Jun-15 05:37 06:00 Down USD/JPY 67% 124.026 124.055 Lost -1.00
24-Jun-15 05:37 05:45 Down USD/JPY 67% 124.003 124.071 Lost -1.00
24-Jun-15 15:05 15:15 UP CAD/JPY 69% 100.164 100.179 Won 0.69
24-Jun-15 20:07 20:15 Down NZD/USD 75% 0.69067 0.68945 Won 0.75
24-Jun-15 20:07 20:15 UP AUD/NZD 65% 1.11660 1.11806 Won 0.65
24-Jun-15 20:07 20:15 Down NZD/CHF 72% 0.64506 0.64342 Won 0.72
Day Total 1.50

So the running total for the week is a possible +4.44 from 16 signals.

Thursday 25/06

Yes you know the sequence of events by now, this morning there were 4 missed signals and, again, I had dinner last night.

Date Signal Time Expiry Time Direction Asset Asset Win Rate Target Price End Price Result Est. Return
25-Jun-15 02:01 02:30 Down NZD/USD 75% 0.69091 0.69105 Lost -1.00
25-Jun-15 02:02 03:00 Down NZD/CHF 72% 0.64518 0.64493 Won 0.72
25-Jun-15 03:50 04:00 UP CAD/JPY 69% 99.9180 99.9330 Won 0.69
25-Jun-15 03:50 04:00 UP USD/JPY 67% 123.738 123.723 Lost -1.00
25-Jun-15 19:16 19:30 UP AUD/CAD 73% 0.95483 0.95472 Lost -1.00
Day Total -1.59

So the running total for the week is a possible +2.85 from 21 signals.

Friday 26/06

I woke to 3 missed overnight trades.  The 08:15 and 09:00 trades were missed because I was getting ready to go to semi-finals day at Eastbourne.  Obviously I missed the next 4 trades while at Eastbourne and the last trade at 18:00 when driving home!  OK, today was my fault but … the service is not mobile phone friendly.  There is no app.  The only way to monitor it from a phone (or tablet) is to have the webpage open and hope you hear the bell (if it rings, I have not tested that yet).  Anyway here are the results for today …

Date Signal Time Expiry Time Direction Asset Asset Win Rate Target Price End Price Result Est. Return
26-Jun-15 17:50 18:00 Up USD/CAD 64% 1.23365 1.2341 Won 0.64
26-Jun-15 14:08 14:15 Up CAD/JPY 69% 99.954 99.954 Tie -1.00
26-Jun-15 12:50 13:00 Up AUD/NZD 65% 1.11788 1.11764 Lost -1.00
26-Jun-15 10:36 10:45 Up AUD/JPY 69% 94.993 95.005 Won 0.69
26-Jun-15 10:31 10:45 Up AUD/USD 68% 0.76963 0.76945 Lost -1.00
26-Jun-15 08:44 09:00 Up CAD/CHF 68% 0.75579 0.75573 Lost -1.00
26-Jun-15 08:05 08:15 Up AUD/JPY 69% 94.988 95.105 Won 0.69
26-Jun-15 04:49 05:00 Up NZD/USD 75% 0.6887 0.68875 Won 0.75
26-Jun-15 04:47 05:00 Up AUD/USD 68% 0.77157 0.77163 Won 0.68
26-Jun-15 02:32 02:45 Up CAD/JPY 69% 100.014 100.011 Lost -1.00

So the running total for the week is a possible +1.30 from 31 signals.

OK, I’ve had a bit of analytical fun and can say that’s made up from …

Overnight Signals (00:00 – 07:00) +0.64 from 13 signals

Daytime Signals (07:00 – 19:00) +0.54 from 13 signals

Evening Signals (19:00 – 00:00) +0.12 from 5 signals

And finally:  I make no apology that this is a much longer posting than most.  I believe it is necessary to show the timing of each signal so that readers can decide for themselves if this service will work for them.