I was away and looked to update the stats on my return but when I went to the website it was ‘down’ with a message promising something new and worth waiting for.  I suspected it was that the service was changing to offer a copy trade autotrade service and I was right but there was no warning about the closing of the old service nor the start of the new service, Graham tipped me off that the new service had started!  And the good news is … to introduce the new service (and obviously to attract future subscribers) the new service is “totally free” for the time being.  Because of this I intend to restart the review from scratch and wipe the past clean.

Those who followed my previous Blogs on this service will know that I was enthusiastic for it except for the way the returns were harmed by the price changes in the delay between the Signal being broadcast and the subscriber acting upon it.  I have always felt that the service needed an autotrade facility even to the extent that I wondered if I could set up a web-scraping app to relay a Signal to my BO broker.  Well they seem to have done this themselves.

I have only just opened the website before posting this Blog so will have a read and write some more.  For those who want to have a look themselves and take the plunge go to https://www.cash-master.com/JohnAnthonySignals.php.  Remember though, it’s only the advice that’s free in a free trial, you still pay for any losses!

Link to previous blog (Results Thurs 13/08 and Fri 14/08)