The first month or so has gone well with nine purchases so far, three of which are already well in profit, the other six down at the moment but it’s early days yet and plenty of time for these to come good.

Obviously I can’t post the details here but the figures show as follows:

1) up 121% (double size buy)
2) up 153%
3) up 33%
4) down 12%
5) down 14%
6) down 18% (with staking rewards level)
7) down 24%
8) down 31%
9) down 69%

Overall, assuming 1k purchase on each and 2k on 1, the profit so far is 2.6k.

We’ve been a bit unlucky with bad news from number 9 just after purchase, but the price will come back. Some of the others are slow burners but will definitely come good by end of bull run I think.

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