I have been following the horse racing tips from JT Racing, a tipping service that costs £59.90 quarterly once the initial offers are completed.

Not really a whole lot to say about this service, you get an email contacting the selections, usually about 10 p.m. the night before. There aren’t any selections on Sunday. You have to use an odds comparison site to find the best odds and you place your bets.

The trial ended 45.99 points in profit, £450.90 to £10 stakes. This remains very nicely in profit once the subscription cost is removed. This figure is to the odds I could find when I checked, the advised odds were slightly higher and depending on the time you choose to act on the tips your profit could be slightly higher or lower.

This is bookie based, so expect to see your account(s) limited. Jolly Lock IP should help here. I have recorded the selections to Betfair SP too, using 5% commission, the profit is reduced to 10.11 points (£101.10 to £10 stakes); so Betfair is in slight profit once the subscription cost is subtracted.

Happy to approve this service.Approved2

You can get JT Racing here: