Urgent Update

I’ve had a few e-mails recently from people that bought KBC during the ICO but haven’t claimed the 35% bonus tokens yet. If you haven’t claimed it yet then you may be too late but, just in case, it’s essential you do this right away.

Remember, the bonus was going to be paid on Christmas Day and I sent an e-mail in December explaining the procedure for claiming the bonus. However, there were so many people that hadn’t claimed by Christmas Eve that Karatbars extended the deadline to 31st January to give everyone time to get it done.

You can see the procedure here

They are still paying out the bonuses manually for a lot of people. If you’ve claimed your bonus and haven’t received it yet, let me know. As I explained in my latest Karatbars video, the bonus is paid in gold (univals) and you can either keep it in gold, or exchange it for KBC or KCB.

If you look in your KaratBit.com account you will see your bonus in the BUNV section (Click on Dashboard). Just click on Exchange (next to BUNV) and you can exchange your BUNV (Bonus Univals) for KBC. I’d recommend doing that because of the 100KBC=1g gold guarantee on 4th July, but the choice is yours.

Any problems do let me know.

Please note that the main website to use now and going forwards is karatgold.sg so no need to use the previous ICO websites, such as ico.karatgold.io. as they are no longer updated.

Karatgold.sg has everything you need now as you can buy CashGold, Profit Packages and Business Packages there. It’s always worth checking the ‘Latest News’ under the General tab, to keep yourself up to speed with what’s going on.

Voice over Blockchain Smartphone Launch

I will be going to Dubai at the end of the month for the launch of the K1 Smartphone and Karat Merchant system.

K1 is a decentralized phone with encrypted calls, no roaming fees, a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet, cheaper, faster, private and with its own integrated gold and crypto payment system.

The Karat Merchant system can be downloaded into all current EPOS systems allowing merchants to accept cryptocurrencies that gets converted instantly to fiat currency (if they wish) for smaller fees than merchants normally pay.

A portion of the profits generated from both will go towards purchasing more gold to back the KCB coin.

I’ll do another big update after Dubai once I’m up to speed with all the latest developments.


I know a few of you have bought, or are looking to buy, enough KCB tokens to apply for a Masternode. I have too.

To remind you, if you have 1 million KCB you can register for a Masternode which will pay 15% per year in KCB (or whatever the token is called after the hard fork). You still get to keep your 1 million KCB’s though and can withdraw/spend them whenever you like, but by keeping them in the Masternode (or Full Node) you will get 15% a year, paid weekly into your account. The full node will pay 25% per year.

When you consider the possible value of the token in a few years, it could become quite a considerable passive income. Indeed, by next January it’ll be worth something like €30,000 per year with the Masternode, or €150,000 per year for a full node, and it’s likely to increase year by year as the tokens are backed by more and more physical gold, purchased from the profits generated by all the Karat businesses, including the crypto exchange, digital stock exchange, K-Phone, and the Karat Merchant system.

If you want to buy KCB to get a Masternode, the best way is to purchase a Profit Package as they come with an amount of free KCB on top. The amount of free KCB drops every month, on 15th, so the next drop in bonus coins is tomorrow. If you’re still considering it then it makes sense to buy it before lunchtime tomorrow as you get more for your money.

The Profit Packages come with profit already built into it, because of the bonus. For example, if you buy a €50K Profit Package, you actually get €80K worth of KCB, plus 350 grams of gold and they’ll also pay you 35g of gold per year if you keep your gold in storage too. That €80,000 worth of KCB would be worth around €114K by next January too when the 75KBC=1g gold guarantee kicks in.

To work out what size Profit Package you need to get a Masternode seat, first of all determine how many KCB you need. You need 1 million so if you don’t have any at all then to get 1 million you will need €140,000 worth of KCB (at €0.14 each). But remember you get bonus KCB’s with the Profit Packages so you don’t need to buy a €150K profit package. A €50K package gets you 571,428 KCB with the bonus, so two €50K packages would do it if you’re starting from scratch.

Obviously I appreciate this information will only be useful for ‘bigger players’, but I know there have been quite a few €150K packages bought already and also I know of one €500K Profit Package that has been purchased.

Clearly there are serious investors out there that can see the potential and vision of the KaratBank mission.

But, you don’t need to be rich to get involved with. Profit Packages start from just €150 and come with bonus coins too, and some gold.

Again, if you’re looking to get involved with this then log in to your karatgold.sg account and go to Product Purchase > Profit Packages.

If you’re not yet a member, sign up below and register as an affiliate. You don’t have to be an affiliate, or do any promoting, but the profit packages only show up if you have affiliate status.

Any problems let me know.

You can join KaratBank here