If you bought KBC (KaratBank Coin) before 15th June this year and haven’t moved any out of your MyEtherWallet then you will qualify for the promised 35% bonus at Christmas.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then this won’t affect you although you may want to read the bottom section as there is a superb opportunity available this week.

So to give yourself the best chance of getting your bonus without any issues follow the procedure below:

  1. You will have acquired an ETHER wallet. If you haven’t done that yet then watch the video below (it also covers making that wallet KBC ready and where to add your ETHER wallet address within your Karatbars account:

2) You will need a little ETHER in your ETHER wallet to send anything out of it. Part of the process required to claim your bonus (to stop false claims etc.) is to send 1 KBC to the Karatbit exchange. Before you concern yourself with how to make the claim on the Karatbit exchange you will need to acquire some ETHER. The easiest way to do that internally (within Karatbars) is explained by Brian in his video here:

3) You will need to know how to open up your Karatbit Exchange account and claim your bonus. This may not be explained in Brian’s video so, to best explain how you do that, make sure you have your Ether wallet address handy and then follow the instructions in this PDF I have linked to here:


There is a further video link within the PDF itself that also quickly runs through sending the 1 KBC from your Ether Wallet to Karatbit as Brian doesn’t cover that.

Between the videos linked above and the PDF you hopefully have it all covered but, if not, don’t panic as I will try to do a comprehensive video covering everything in the early part of the new year when I may also know what the common problems being encountered are.

There will still be issues, for sure, and some of you may find that your 35% bonus is not automatically paid out. This is because a robust system has been put in place by KBars to make sure they are not scammed into paying bonuses out to the wrong people (many false claims have already been made).

Rest assured that anyone due a bonus will get a bonus and any not automatically paid will be paid manually by the support staff.

New Packages – A superb opportunity for one week only.

You might have missed out on all the KBC stuff going on this year but fear not, you’ve not missed the boat as Karatbars International are running a Christmas promotion on their new Profit Packages that runs out on 24th December.

These involve new packages that go all the way from €160 up to €1 Million Euros!

As an example, if you were to buy a 10K profit package before 24th December you will get €2500 of KCB on top of the bonuses listed, so you get:

  • €10,000 of KCB – €10,000
  • 70% bonus KCB – €7000
  • 25% bonus KCB – €2500
  • 48.7 Grams of gold – €2069.75 of pure gold.
  • VIP Status – Worth €2363
  • Total €19,500 of KCB and €2069.75 of gold + VIP @€2363 for €10,000!

As the packages increase in size the amount of value simply gets bigger. So if you want to increase your stake in Karatbars then this is a perfect opportunity right here.

If you’re not involved at all yet then click below and register for an AFFILIATE account at KaratGold (it’s free to be an affiliate and just means you get access to more offers). Once registered, go to Product Purchase at the top and choose Profit Packages from the dropdown menu:

Buy Profit Packages Here