If you’ve not already taken advantage of this offer, what you do over the next five days could affect your entire future forever.

You have until the end of this week to take advantage of the greatest financial guarantee I have ever seen in my life and the chances are that you will never, ever, come across an opportunity like this again.

So if you’re yet to get onboard it’s critical that you take action today. Right now.

Of course you might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. Indeed, most things that sound too good to be true usually are! But not all of them…

Anyone that got involved in cryptocurrencies just a couple of years ago will agree with me on that, as we’ve seen plenty of ‘too good to be true’ opportunities that have turned ordinary people into millionaires.

But until now I’ve never seen a cryptocurrency opportunity that comes with a guarantee of value on a set date in the future. That would be like being able to watch the lottery draw in the future and then coming back to buy a ticket with the winning numbers!

Or, in more realistic terms, it’s like finding a buyer for a product you don’t yet own who is willing to pay a set price for that product on a set date in the future. And if the price they are willing to pay is in the region of 30-40 times what you can buy it for right now, just how much of that product would you buy?

Probably as much as you possibly can!

Well this is exactly what you can do. Harald Seiz of Karatbars has made an absolute guarantee that you will be able to exchange 100 KBC for 1g of gold on 4th July 2019.

1g of gold is currently worth approximately €35 which would make each KBC token worth about 35 cents next July.

Right now you can buy a Combo Pack from Karatbars International that includes €7,500 worth of KBC tokens and, at current value, that is 937,500 coins. That will be exchangeable for 9,375 grams of gold next July. And with each of those grams of gold being worth around €35 – 9,375 grams is worth an incredible €328,000.

To clarify… €7,500 worth of KBC today will be exchangeable for €328,000 worth of gold on July 4th next year (assuming todays gold price, it could be more!). And you can exchange that gold for cash if you wish.

Combo Packs are available at €3000, €5000, €8000 and €15000 and the bigger the pack the larger amount of bonus KBC tokens you get plus extra incentives such as VIP membership of Karatbars, additional crypto in the form of KCB (that is the Karatcoinbank Coin) and €1,500 payment to get you to Frankfurt, Germany for the grand opening of their new global holding company head offices on 30th November 2018, where Harald Seiz, the CEO of Karatbars International is inviting the media to attend.

At todays value (€0.008) the KBC in each pack will be worth, next July, around:

€3k Combo Pack – You get €750 KBC = €32,500
€5k Combo Pack – You get €1500 KBC = €65,000
€8k Combo Pack – You get €3200 KBC = €140,000
€15k Combo Pack – You get €7500 KBC = €328,000

And these are just the rough values of the KBC in the combo packs. You will also get KCB tokens that will be merged with KBC in 2020 and therefore also worth a lot more than what they cost now.

No doubt you’re wondering how on earth he can make such a guarantee. It’s because he has had any shortfall on the difference between actual value of KBC and required cash to meet the guarantee insured by a couple of very large banks, including HSBC. Also many people are expecting the KBC coins value to get into the €2 or even €3-€4 value once the word really spreads so it’s unlikely everyone will be exchanging all their KBC next July anyway.

Karatbars International is growing at an incredible rate and over the last year have acquired two gold mines, their own exchange, their own bank, their own network of ATM’s plus they have developed their own blockchain to run their tokens on and have signed deals with Sony on the development of a blockchain smartphone.

They’ve also recently partnered with Guinea in Africa which will be using the Karatpay payment system and have already secured $2 billion in assets to back the coins.

So if you want to be part of perhaps the greatest offer in the history of cryptocurrencies and cash in on the guaranteed value next summer you need to take action today, and here’s how:

1) You need to join Karatbars as an affiliate and you do that by going to the site through the link below – don’t even worry about whether or not you want to join a business and promote it because you don’t have to do a thing. Simply joining as an affiliate is free of charge and if you never introduce another soul that is fine:


2) Make sure that when you register you use an email that you can easily receive a verification message on. I recommend a GMAIL account. Too many email servers block everything that looks like marketing so BTinternet, AOL, Yahoo, NTL and many more create problems for the verification email getting through.

Frankly, if you don’t have a gmail address, you should just get one first. You can even call it [email protected] if you like. It takes seconds to set up and you can easily google it to find out how to get one.

3) Have your passport or driving licence and utility bill or bank statement with your address on ready so you can do the KYC (know your customer) stuff. You just take a picture of them or scan them and upload on site. It’s pesky but you should be more concerned about any company in this day and age that doesn’t seek this proof of identity.

I can’t believe it but there are people that have joined Karatbars and simply stopped at the KYC stage and not completed it. Those people have already missed several massively profitable promotions as a result and no doubt are resigned to missing a few more!

Now you are ready to go and ready to buy a combo pack.

Go to Product Purchase>Combo Packages and choose the combo pack you want.

If your credit/debit card doesn’t work/will not go through, odds-on it is because your bank is blocking it because banks are doing the best they can to stop us all buying anything crypto related as they believe that they are entitled to tell us what we can spend our own money on.

If you call your bank/card company first and tell them to expect a payment going through momentarily for (whatever the combo pack you buy costs) and not to block it, that also normally works.

If you are still then having problems, there is a video HERE that explains how you can do this by buying CashGold first and then using that (through a digital conversion) to buy the combo pack.

Sometimes to get the great deals in life you have to jump through a few hoops. If you think through the deal (€15,000 for potentially over €328,000 in just under 9 months) then the sign up and purchase process is well worth a little time.

If you are already a Karatbars member and you still haven’t made a purchase because of KYC or something else then think about it. Harald Seiz has made a guarantee and he will be reiterating that guarantee at the Frankfurt office opening in front of the media and you can go along and see it for yourself if you wish.

The Combo Packs are available (unless he has to shorten the time) until midday 25th November 2018.

You now have less than five days to take advantage of an offer that could literally change your life.

“Yes, we need a better world and I am looking forward to the future. I guarantee everyone, that they will receive 1g gold for 100 KBC each on Independence Day (July 4, 2019). The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the first Coin actually backed by Gold.”

Harald Seiz