I know a lot of you are already involved with Karatbars as I’ve been very excited about this company for the last two or three years. I’m going to sum up, in a nutshell, what’s been happening, what is happening, and what’s going to happen. We are at a point now where if you have been sitting on the fence about this, it’s time to move, and move fast.

Who are they?

Karatbars are a gold bullion company based in Stuttgart who specialise in selling small denominations of high quality, pure gold. They have been doing so since 2011. The CEO, Harald Seiz, has made it his mission in life to get people saving a portion of their income in pure gold, not just as a safety net against financial collapse, but as a robust way of increasing overall wealth. Gold has increased in value against most fiat currencies by an astonishing 10% per year for the past 16 years! At least 60% of all the gold in the world is held by central banks. So when you put your money in the bank, they buy gold and get 10% per year gains and you get less than 1%, often less than 0.1%!

Karatbars have made saving in gold affordable by selling gold bars as small as 0.1g, so you can buy gold for around a fiver and they will even store it for you for free in their gold vaults. You can request delivery whenever you like too.

This means that whilst the money in your bank account is devaluing every day due to inflation, the money you put into buying gold is increasing in value, so you’re not only protecting your wealth, but increasing it at the same time.

One important point to note: Karatbars gold products are of a higher quality yet significantly cheaper than any other retail gold bullion dealer. As an example, 1g of Karatbars gold sells for around £15 cheaper than the same quality product offered by the biggest bullion dealer in the UK.

You can see a video explaining in full detail here.

So what’s all this about phones and cryptos?

Roll on to 2018, and Karatbars embraced the growing interest in cryptocurrencies. They launched their own Cryptocurrency, KBC, which they backed with physical gold in the same way that some fiat currencies used to be backed by gold. They sold out by the summer and then released their second crypto token, KCB, which has been on sale since September 2018 and this sale will end in September this year. When it ends the two tokens will be merged into one that runs on their own, bespoke, Karatbars blockchain. Any leftover tokens will be burned (digitally) so that the number of tokens remaining running on the blockchain is finite and therefore, like gold, will have intrinsic value, especially as it’s backed by gold and can be exchanged for gold.

The blockchain, KaratNet, goes live on 1st October and will power the world’s first Voice over Blockchain Smartphone, their K1 Impulse phone, as well as their new merchant point of sale software, K-Merchant, which will allow retail outlets both offline and online to accept payment in cryptocurrencies without any of the downsides normally associated with doing this. This means a merchant can sell something for, say, £50 and accept the payment in BitCoin but then get the £50 immediately in GBP (or whatever currency they want) into their bank account, so they don’t have to take any risks in the value of BitCoin falling after taking payment. They can of course opt to keep the Cryptocurrency instead, if they wish, but the point of K-Merchant is to allow retailers to accept crypto’s as payment without any of the downsides of doing so. The app will download onto all existing POS (point of sale) terminals and the major advantage to merchants for downloading and using K-Merchant is that there are ZERO fees. Unlike the 3.5% or 5% they have to pay to Visa/MasterCard or American Express, if they take payment with K-Merchant they don’t pay anything. If they sell something for £50, they get the £50. This alone is a game changer in merchant services. And I almost forgot… with K-Merchant you can even accept payments in gold!

They’ve also launched their own crypto/gold exchange which will also run on KaratNet and have plans in the pipeline for future products and services which make use of this technology.

The main token that powers KaratNet will be KBC. Phone users will pay their monthly subscriptions in KBC, users of the exchange pay their transaction fees in KBC, and K-Merchant will allow KBC to be accepted as payment for goods and services worldwide.

Bearing in mind that KBC is backed by real, physical gold and can be exchanged for real physical gold, the fact that it is in limited supply and will be needed to use all of these services should mean that its value will increase exponentially over time.

What’s the urgency? Why should I care?

As I’ve hopefully highlighted, Karatbars have grown enormously over the last 18 months, going from a simple gold bullion dealer to building a company that incorporates state of the art telecommunications hardware and software, a global merchant payment system and a Cryptocurrency/gold exchange. Part of the revenue that all these will generate through transaction fees (and it should be substantial) goes into buying more gold with which to back the KBC token, which in turn increases in intrinsic value.

So even if you have zero interest in cryptocurrencies, or phones, or any of the above, if you do have an interest in making money then pay attention as there are now only two weeks left to take advantage of this.

In September the KCB sale ends for good and the preparations for the launch of KaratNet on 1st October begin. This is when everything comes together, a bit like when the genesis block of BitCoin was first mined ten years ago, and I bet you wish you had got in on that when it happened! I do.

The next couple of weeks really are your last chance to be able to get their KCB token at, essentially, half price and get a state of the art blockchain Smartphone, or some gold, for free. Whether or not you want a new phone, or gold, isn’t all that relevant. I hope you can see that being able to get your hands on the Karatbars Cryptocurrency, right before it’s launched on KaratNet with all that entails, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Right now, and for the next two weeks, you can buy either their K1-Impulse phone or one of their Profit Packages which comes with physical gold, and get the same value of KCB tokens with it. Not only that, depending on what you buy, you can also get a bonus amount of KCB, up to 200%.

In case you’re not clear what this means, if you bought the cheapest package on the phone, you would get exactly the same value in KCB with it. Essentially this is like buying that amount of KCB and getting the phone for free, or getting each for half price. But if you went for one of the bigger packages, you also get a bonus amount of KCB. Package #4, for example, comes with 120% bonus. Mind you, it costs €4000, but not only do you get the phone, but also €8,800 worth of KCB!

And remember, when KaratNet launches, it’s expected that the value of your tokens will increase over time too as demand for it grows.

If you prefer getting gold instead of a phone, and it makes sense considering it goes up in value over time, the same deals are available on the Profit Packages with the bonus amount of KCB increasing for larger packages.

You can get a Profit Package for as little as €150!

How do I get involved?

Hopefully by now you’ve got a sense of what’s on offer here. You can get involved from as little as €150 and be the proud owner of a token that will be powering KaratNet from the very first day it launches.

Right now the token is valued in pennies, just as BitCoin was a decade ago. You can get quite a lot of them when they only cost pennies. But once they are being used to pay phone subscriptions, or transaction fees on a currency exchange, demand for these tokens is going to grow, and the more demand there is, the higher the price will go because the supply is finite. Like gold.

You may already be a member of Karatbars and have perhaps missed this opportunity so far. Or this may be completely new to you. Either way, if you want to take advantage of something that could end up being one of the most profitable decisions you’ve ever made, then the time to act is right now. There are no second chances.

I don’t want to be getting an e-mail from you this time next year telling me you wished you had got involved.

If you’re not already a member, click the link below and select “Become an Affiliate”. Don’t worry, this just means there are more product options available to you, it’s free to join.

Once registered, go to Product Purchase which is in the menu at the top. From the drop down list select either Profit Packages (not Business packages), or Impulse K1 Phone, and then choose which package you want.

You can pay by Credit/Debit card, Bank Wire, BitCoin etc. and if it asks for Bonus Codes or anything like that, just ignore that as those are for their normal gold sales, so just go onto the next screen.

Once you’ve purchased your package your KCB tokens will show up on your Dashboard, and your gold will be in your back office (you can request delivery if you wish to have the physical gold at home). If you buy the phone that will be delivered in October once KaratNet has launched as it runs on the Karatbars blockchain.

You can then sit back and watch what happens over the next 18 months. I think it’s going to be a spectacular ride and could well be life changing for a good number of us.

Get your package here