There are only four days left now on the 200% bonus offer on the IMpulse K1 Phone Package #4.

You might be thinking “why on earth would anyone spend €4,000 on a phone?”

Well, they wouldn’t but that’s not what the €4k is being spent on alone, it’s not even close.

The question is best answered by referring to an individual who within the last week purchased not one €4k package but a mind blowing 75 of them! He spent €300,000 on 75 Impulse K1, 4k phone package deals. But what he will get as a result of doing that (in addition to the phones) is a retirement income that most of us could only dream of.

Here’s how that works:

€300,000 got him €900,000 worth of KCB coins (that’s 6,428,572 coins). This, in turn, enabled him to buy two Full Node positions on the upcoming Karatbars Mainnet (don’t worry if that all sounded like goobledegook, it doesn’t matter if you understand that right now or not).

Acquiring 2 Full Nodes took 6 million coins to set up. Each Full Node requires 3 million coins and will produce 25% of the coins deposited each year as income once the Mainnet is live. And, critically, that is deposited coins – not spent coins – they can be withdrawn at any time and then the annual income simply ceases.

25% of 6 million coins = 1,500,000. If they were to do no more than stay at current value then this equates to €210,000 per annum as an income but anyone who is familiar with where this is all going knows that these coins should be worth much more in time.

I have purchased a Masternode (a smaller version of a Full Node that requires 1 million coins) and that will generate 15% or 150,000 coins per annum. That alone is worth a very nice €21,000 in annual income, at current values. But it could, again, be worth much more.

The short version to the important question of WHY is – he doesn’t care about the phones – although he will of course be able to sell them/pass them on to others – he cares only about the return on his €300,000 input. And he can take his 6 million coins out of the full node whenever he wants and simply sell the lot for a vast profit come the end of the year.

There is no obligation to take out a Node, that is just attractive to many of us for even greater long-term returns from these stunning deals.

The reality here is that many of us will hold on to those coins for a year or more because we firmly believe that they will grow to be be worth whole euros and dollars each. Why wouldn’t they? A coin backed by 24 karat gold…

You can read a press release about the K1 on Cointelegraph here

Don’t leave it to the last day!

If you want to take advantage of this deal it’s imperative that you act now, especially if you’re not already a member of Karatbars or KaratGold.

You will need to sign up as an affiliate to get the deal, and you will need to submit KYC details that can take a day or two to get approved, so if you leave it to the last day there is every chance you will miss out.

Even if you are undecided, at the very least join for free and submit your KYC’s while you’re thinking about it.

Get yours here (join as an affiliate)