I was quite surprised at the response to my e-mail on Monday about Masternodes as I’m aware it’s only really suitable for those with a reasonable amount of disposable income.

In fact one of the most common questions I got was about how to buy the higher priced packages with a bank transfer as they are beyond most credit and debit card limits.

To that end there is a video explaining exactly how to do that below. Please bear in mind that the bonus KCB amounts drop every month with the first drop happening on 14th February (next Thursday) so if you are interested in acquiring a lifetime residual income that will likely increase each year, then get this done before next Thursday:

Also, for those that have perhaps given this a miss because they feel it’s out of their depth, either financially or even because they feel it’s too complicated and don’t understand it, I would encourage you to watch this short video recorded by my good friend John Duncan. In it he shows how you can get involved for as little as £135, quickly and easily, and how that small investment can be cashed in for a very healthy profit:

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)