I have been looking at Key Zone Traders. This post will be a one-off review of this service; one-off reviews are used where different people will have different experiences depending on the way they trade.

Key Zone Traders is primarily an online ForEx trading education service**. On offer are:

  • A free trading course. This course will give you an insight into trading so you can determine whether trading is for you and whether you want Ross to be your mentor.
  • 7 Steps to Trading. For a one-off of just £250 this course aims to build the foundational skills you will need as a trader in a safe environment.
  • Pro Trading Service. Costing £100 per month you get access to Ross’ daily trading plan before the market opens on the FTSE, Dax, SP500 and Dow Jones. It makes a refreshing change that the service doesn’t follow the “here’s what you could have won” model where the service provider cherry-picks trades from the previous day to show how good they are. Ross also provides alerts of the exact trades that he is taking.
  • Traders Academy. This is for anyone that is serious about wanting to learn how to trade and is willing to put in the hours to learn a skillset. There is ongoing training via webinar and access to the Academy discord channel. This is a very comprehensive training course and Ross is always willing to provide help and support.
  • A one-to-one 12-month live mentoring service. You will need to be someone who is open-minded and dedicated to being fully committed to becoming a successful trader.

** I use the term ForEx to encompass Foreign Exchange (GB Pound/US Dollar, etc), commodities (Gold, Oil, etc), stocks (Apple, Microsoft, etc), Indices (FTSE, Dow, DAX, etc) and Crypto (Bitcoin etc).

I have reviewed the Academy training material and I am extremely impressed. In many ways Ross has introduced me to a new way of looking at the market; I have never used Bollinger Bands before. In other ways, as somebody who prefers price-action rather than watching squiggly lines, Ross has reinforced my bias towards price-action.

I also had access to the daily trading plan, and I am equally impressed with the quality of the service once the education has been completed.

I am not the type of person who wants to sit watching charts all day, so I am very happy that these strategies will work on the higher timeframes, specifically 4-hour charts for me. This way I only have to (quickly) check a few charts up to 3 times per day. I only made 2 trades, but made profits on both; these were on my favourite instrument of Crude Oil.

This is a very professional setup that I have no hesitation in approving.

You can get Key Zone Traders Courses here.

And the Alert Service HERE