Another extremely good week for this service.

There have been quite a few bets this week, so I’ll upload the results spreadsheet rather than take up too much space here.

We’ve been running the trial for around 10 days and have already amassed 37.05 points profit. Really is quite encouraging so far, as the Strike Rate &  Targeted Odds are both quite high. Very impressed at the moment, lets hope it continues.

One point to note though is that on weekdays the email advice generally arrives at 4 pm and they do, on occasion, include games that kick off at 5-6pm. Just worth bearing in mind if you think you’d be unable to check emails and place bets at that sort of time. It’s not an issue most days as the majority of games are 7.30 or later but the odd Scandinavian or Europa League game is played earlier in the evening.



CURRENT BANK 187.05 Points