RUNNING BANK 187.05 Points

Wow, a major roller coaster of a week. The first couple of weeks of this trial were all singing, all dancing profits, this week we had the reality check.

A big part of the problem was that we had a bet most days on Ice Hockey and none of them won. This was compounded by the stakes on these Ice Hockey bets being steadily increased throughout the week. In all 25 points were staked and lost on the games.

Over my time on Cash-Master, I’ve seen quite a few services try to diversify to grab some extra profit and I honestly can’t ever remember it working. I may be being a bit unfair, possibly the tipsters behind Kick Off do know Ice Hockey and have just been unlucky, but it just never seems to work out when services try to mix things up.

The Hockey losses coincided with a downturn in the Football results too and from 18/4 to 20/4 we had a run of 16 losing bets so by the end of betting Saturday evening the bank had dropped right back to 130 Points. Thankfully, Sunday was back to normal service and we end the week with the bank on 148.64 Points, so below the starting point but up on the lowest point. Just shows how bad those Ice Hockey bets were and how good the Football bets are because, even with a poor run this week, the Football only bank would be 23 Points up.




In typical fashion, the moment I moan about the Ice Hockey bets they advise another one that goes and wins.