Another horrendous week for this ailing service.

Such a shame as the first 2-3 weeks had me wondering if we had unearthed a gem here but, alas, things are not going well.

Another 50 points lost on the week and the big question is: Will the bank last until we finish the trial next week?

It now stands at just 24.33 points from it’s 150 starting point. For the last 2 weeks we have had the same style bets advised, namely a bet on the outright result and a correct score bet that corresponds to the predicted outcome. These have been something of a disaster and have shed nearly 100 points in that time period. More often than not, we have had complete wipe out loss days which, when staking 3 points on each of 6 bets, quickly turn a downward trend into a cliff dive.

I don’t like to be so totally negative towards a service but it flies in the face of reason to have started this new style so suddenly and to have stuck with it so long when it clearly isn’t paying off.