Well, that didn’t take long.

Another total wipe out day yesterday (although a near miss with one bigger price) has left the bank with only 6 points in it and that won’t cover today’s selections.

The near miss yesterday was in the French Cup. The bets were: 3 points on the Draw @ 3.30 and 3 points on 2-2 @ 19.00, the game finished 3-2 with the winning goal scored in the 89th minute. A winning bet there instead of the 6 point loss incurred would have made a 66 point positive swing.

Obviously that will mark the end of the trial and there’s no prizes for guessing which column this gets filed in, FAILED.

As I said yesterday, it is a shame that the performance nosedived so badly as it seems the were making money hand-over-fist before our trial and that continued for the first few weeks of it. The change of betting style mid month has not worked out at all and even if yesterday’s bet had won, they have not been getting anywhere near the the strike rate at a price that would restore the bank and return it to profit.


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