You know I like gold. And you know I like crypto. And so it follows that I like gold backed crypto.

Now there’s a company that has combined the two! I’ve been watching this since their ICO last year and am very impressed with what they’ve achieved to date.

Their crypto tokens, KAU and KAG, are matched 1:1 with physical gold and silver bullion stored in 9 vaults around the world and independently audited every 6 months by Bereau Veritas. Those reports are freely available.

You can exchange your KAU’s for the physical gold if you wish, or you can store it in your wallet and earn a monthly yield on it. You also get a yield for minting new coins, which involves simply buying gold and converting it to KAU. And you also get a yield just for depositing in the exchange!

It’s really rather neat and certainly something I’ve added to my own portfolio.

You can watch a very cool 10 minute overview of it here:

And you can open a free account here