Time for an update on my experience with the KIP betting bot.

Just to remind you what this bot does:

– It runs 34 individual micro systems, each finding a few, targeted qualifiers.

– it is 100% auto

– It makes the selections and places the bets (selections are not loaded from some tipster on a server, the systems are within the software and it works them out each day)

– It can be left running for days and weeks

– New Release – the option for level stakes as well as the staking plans

– The systems were all created 3 years ago and were forward tested live for 18 months before the bot development was started

– The bot has been running live since November and has averaged over 40 points per month and has been consistently (Currently averaging 44)

So how have I got on with it?

I started at the beginning of June, on the recommended staking plan, betting at £1 a bet. This is Lay betting so I won 95p on a winning bet, after commission.

There is an optional progressive staking plan included whereby stakes are increased to recover losses but rather than straight on the next bet, the bets are automatically spread over 8 cycles, the idea I’m guessing is that a run of losses is split up rather than mounting up. Of course this doesn’t guarantee stakes don’t increase as you might get unlucky with the losing bets hitting the same cycle.

Personally I hate progressive staking with Lay betting as it only takes two or three losing bets to set you back weeks, if not months, of profit.

So I ran with only £1 stakes on a progression of two bets but had losing bets of £16 and even £49 on one day, which obviously means over 50 bets to win that back.

Fortunately most of the time I had winners and long lists of £1 wins and by 7th July had won £23.93

On the 8th July I decided to knock the progressive staking on the head and try out just level staking. The bot seems to have a really high strike rate so I don’t see the need to go for recovery betting anyway.

Between 8th July and 26th July I bet at £5 level stakes (lay stakes) and made £95.52 profit. The losing bets were generally around £10 and £20, a couple at £30-£40 which is to be expected. Mostly I won.

So with increased confidence I increased my stake to £10 level stakes and between 26th July and 24th August, the bot made me a profit of £386.50.

And I was away on holiday for nearly three weeks with very limited internet access so I couldn’t even check the bot which I had running on my virtual server. So that was nice to come home to.

A couple of days ago I upped my stake to £20 level stakes. I checked today and saw it had placed no bets and was just showing the ‘keep alive’ message. Clearly a bug when I changed the stake so I restarted it today and it’s placed another couple of bets making me another £38 so far.

So all in all, in two months, the KIP bot has made me a net profit of £540.92.

I’m going to continue to run it at £20 level stakes for now until the next update.

The bot is one of the best I’ve used. It requires no input from the user (although you have plenty of options to chose from) and you really can leave it running 24/7 to make money for you.

I have no hesitation in giving this bot an Approved rating and will continue to update on my progress with it over the next few months.

You can download the KIP betting bot here:


Update 25th November 2011

It’s been a bad month for the KIP bot, on my settings anyway.

I started with a betting bank of £1200 in July playing with £1 stakes but quickly moved to £5 stakes (level staking). I increased this to £10 stakes in August, and then £20 stakes in September, making steady profits all the time. By October my £1200 bank had increased to £2400, which is exactly £1200 profit on a bot that did everything automatically.

I increased my stakes again to £25 and then it went downhill. The last few weeks the bot has given back all my winnings, plus £500 of my original bank, which now stands at £715.

This is quite a shocking down turn. On a personal level, I’m only really £500 out of pocket because my starting bank was £1200. But had I started using the bot a month ago, the actual loss is £1685 with £25 level stakes, or 67 points.

I’m not sure what size bank is recommended for this but even using a 100 point bank, that’s a big hit to take in a month.

Let’s see how it pans out for the rest of the year.

I’m going to move this bot to the Neutral section for now and do another update next month.