As of yesterday my KIP betting bot hit the £1000 profit mark since July 1st. I bet at £20 level stakes and don’t do anything, I just leave the software to run 24/7, betting for me.

I’m going to increase my stake to £25 today in line with the steady increase in my betting bank.

There is a new release today of Kip 2, which is an upgrade to the bot. The main improvement is with the results update and there is a box you can tick that stops the bot betting on the next race if it hasn’t had the result from the previous race. This is only important for people using the recovery staking option, which I don’t use.

There is also a % of bank staking option included as well.

There is a problem with this new one though. I can’t get it to run on my VPS! It runs fine on my PC but just freezes on the virtual server.

Darren Power is having the same problem on his so if you are already running KIP on a VPS I recommend continuing with that one until this issue has been resolved.

You can get the Kip Betting Bot here:

Download KIP Betting Bot