It’s been a tumultuous few weeks in the global stock markets as selling pressure has sent prices lower than anticipated. Unfortunately, the crypto markets have not been able to avoid the storm as even the major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum tumbled down as well. And so, to no surprise, did the value of my portfolio ending January at $955.54. This is about $50.00 lower than my starting bank and a little disappointing but consistent with the volatility of crypto. I am still confident about the future growth of the portfolio as crypto becomes ever more mainstream and its applications ever more widespread.

Here are the all-important stats:

Acquisition Cost and Starting Bank for the Review: $1005.31 (September 29th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $861.65 (January 22nd, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $1428.41 (November 25th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/4

Number of Losing Months: 2/4

Number of different crypto coins in the official portfolio: 21

Number of different crypto coins in my portfolio: 17*

Current Bank: $955.54 (January 31st, 2022)

Profit/Loss: -$49.77

Return on Bank: -5.0 %

*This is less than the official portfolio as I joined after the start and some coins had already increased in value above their recommended buy range.

The graph below shows the daily value of my portfolio from September 29th, 2021 through January 31st, 2022:

One new coin has been added to the official portfolio. Also, one coin advised before I started this review has now dropped below the recommended buy level. Consequently, I purchased the advised amount of it.

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