This service has been running since April 2015 and the results provided show profit each month with a high of 98 points in June and a low of plus 7 points in July.

The selections are sent into your E-mail box daily with a text reminder which is useful for busy lives, but not every day; they miss the occasional day if they do not consider there is an opportunity. The recommended bank is 200 points and the selections are win only with either a 1 or 2 point stake and the key point is to bet at Betfair Exchange SP only. My early impressions are that they select based on value. So far they have not given any favourite as a pick. The benefit of Betfair SP is there to see when on day 2 they selected “Wolf of Windlesham” returning at 16.67 BSP compared with 12/1 at best odds bookmakers.

There are 5 or 6 selections on average per day however this can be as low as 2. First impression is very good; simple communication with value selections and a down to earth approach taking minutes a day to operate and can easily be done via your smart phone for busy people.

So how did we get on?

I began testing this service mid November. As we entered January this service was sitting on -57.69 points after 33 days of testing. Remember this is a win only service betting at betfair SP only with daily value selections sometimes with as many as 3 horses per race but mainly only the one selection recommended. Sometimes there are as many as 15 selections a day with an advised staking points plan ranging from 1 to 4 points.

The month of January had only 5 winning days and the month has ended in a loss of 102.15 points in total add this to the previous losses and we have a grand total of minus 159.84 for the period starting the 13th of November until the end of January. I was prepared to run this for February as well however in my view -159.84 points is a big deficit and I really do not see the point in running for another month.

In conclusion sadly I have to give this service a fail I can not recommend it after my testing period. Hope to bring better news on my next review.

You can try Kunix Solutions here:Failed