Check out these latest testimonials:

“I have been a PIE member for nearly 12 months now and been very pleased with the system…”

“This is my monthly profit % for the last 12 months:

Apr 13 – 2.03%
May 13 – 2.01%
Jun 13 – 1.68%
Jul 13 -2.13%
Aug 13 – 1.14%
Sept 13 – 2.14%
Oct 13 – 1.53%
Nov 13 – 2.23%
Dec13 – 1.88%
Jan 14 – 1.83%
Feb 14 – 1.42%
Mar 14 – 1.78%

Thanks for the info on GFT, I’m certainly going to give that a go, although I’ll probably use a demo account to gain experience before I dip my toe in the water.

It’s all good stuff, I’m just glad I took the plunge and I’ve not looked back since. It will definitely mean I retire much, much sooner than I was expecting that’s for sure!

Keep up the good work, you and Glynn are doing people who attend your courses, a massive favour.

Best wishes, 



“Hi Paul,

Hope you are doing well and you’re still making a steady income from your P.I.E. trading.

Going great guns here, a steady 16.41% last year in my first full year of trading in 2013 and I’m expecting closer to 20% if not more this year.

 I think P.I.E is the best thing since sliced bread! no more looking at savings rates and punching the air in delight at having found an account paying 2% p.a.!!”


Now for the important bit…

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