I hope you had a chance to look at my previous post about the flash share giveaway bonanza happening on Wednesday. If you’re not already a paying member of ABC then you need to upgrade to a paid subscription by 11pm UK time tomorrow. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your current subscription to the Premium subscription, even just for one month as I have done, then again you need to do that by tomorrow.

If you are not sure how to do that then just drop me an e-mail and I’ll show you what to do.

And remember, as a paid member you’ll also be getting shares next month in Vulcan industries which went public a few weeks ago, plus shares in Smart Trade App, TECS Group, Global Shakers and Rockster. It’s a hell of a portfolio and if they were the only shares you ever acquired, I think you’ll end up very pleased that you did. Besides, they come with a built in, instant gain of up to 13.97%!

If you’ve been meaning to do this, and putting it off, do it now. Get in for this month and then take a view whether you wish to continue your subscription or not. If you go for the Premium membership for this month, you are free to downgrade to a Pro or Standard subscription whenever you like. You can even pause your subscription and start it up again at any time.

Personally, I’ve just been paying the Standard subscription for the last few years and have acquired a lot of shares over time without really noticing. And many have more than DOUBLED in value with some of them even growing FOUR times and FIVE times more than the purchase value.

But this month I’ve upgraded to the Premium Subscription because I want the maximum allocation available with this special flash share giveaway on Wednesday.

You can join here, right now