Lay A Day is a new service launched by the guys that brought us Profit At The Races. As you can probably guess, it’s a lay service that involves one high quality lay bet per day at odds of 6.0 or below.

The daily e-mail tends to come through between 9am and 11am each morning with one lay bet and the current odds available. Results are recorded to this advised price, this price +10%, and to Betfair Starting Price so we should be able to see over the long term which works out better.

For the purposes of this review I shall be recording the BSP as everyone will have the same results with that.

I started recording results when the service launched on 23th November 2015 and so far it’s done well with 11.3 points profit to BSP on 13 winning bets out of 14. The losing bet was only odds of 3.95.

What’s interesting about this particular service though is that if they fail to deliver a level stakes profit during your monthly subscription period, you will receive a refund on that month’s subscription!

I’ll be running the usual three month test on this service and probably extending that through 2016.

You can try Lay A Day on a 7 day free trial here: