The Lay Analyst is one of six services offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Lay Analyst works on both UK and Irish races and covers National Hunt, All weather and Turf Flat racing throughout the year.

Selections are available online daily from 12:30 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through a couple of filters utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Lay Bet. The number of points per qualifying bet is also provided and these range from 2 points up to 6 points generally and a 200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service is only suitable to a user who can be in front of a computer when qualifying races are due. On some days there can be up to 30 selections covering the period from circa 14:00 up to 20:30 so some stamina is required but there again making money does require some effort. I had hoped that a bot could be employed but at this time there is no suitable bot that can deal with the jump from filter 1 to 2, although in practice to the user, in front of the computer at the time, this stage will present no problems.

This report covers the final month of the trial from 1st June 14 through to the 30th June 14.

I had 15 selections that passed through both filters and became qualifying bets. Of these qualifiers 14 of them won for me (i.e they lost the race) and the 1 loser meant that the strike rate on the system was some 93% .

Of note during June Cashmaster put the “techies” at BetEngine in touch with the system providers to commence a trial of making the system “bot friendly”. Initial feedback is that the system does appear to be working on the BetEngine set up. This step, if it does work out, would really enhance the system as it would remove the need to be at the computer through all of the selections, checking to see which of them will pass through the 2 filters.

As previously stated in my earlier reports the actual procedure for checking whether a selection has turned into a qualifying bet is in itself very easy to do. However checking some days 30 plus selections would eventually wear a user down and almost certainly “sods law” would come into play if you missed a day, that would turn out to be the day a handful of the selections became winning bets.

So to the bank :

Opening Bank 200 points -31st May 171.75 points Close 30th June =180.70 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

Adding the monthly fee of £30 a month leaves a closing bank of some 172 points, a loss over the trial period of 28 points.

However it should be borne in mind that a 60 point loss occurred when the qualifying bet in an amatuer race got home. Please see my report for last half of May. I believe that we shouldn’t really be trying to lay horses in amatuer races and if that was removed from our results then we would have ended up over the trial period some 32 points and be looking at a 16% return.


This system, providing it can be set up on a bot, can potentially produce good returns on the initial investment. As the minimum staking on Betfair is £2 then a betting bank of £400 would be the minimum required.

The other condition I would employ would be to avoid amatuer races. They do not feature that often and when laying horses with this system at relatively long prices I believe this is a sensible additional filter.

So I give the system a pass if those two points are met.Approved2

You can try The Lay Analyst here: