This report covers the period from 12th May though to and inclusive of 31st May.

During this period I received 17 selections that passed through both filters and thus became qualifying bets. I noticed once again that when using an I Pad the odds were slightly different to those obtained on my PC but have decided that a difference of less than 0.3 in the upper limit of the odds that are utilised by the system is acceptable.

Of the 17 selections I had 15 successful Lays but 2 losers which dropped the Strike Rate which up to this point was in excess of 92% for the trial down to some 88% for this reporting period. The first of the losers was on 12th May and was a major blow being a 6 point advised lay in an amateur rider race at Doncaster. This had the dramatic effect of wiping out all of the profits since 5th April and also nearly 25% of the starting bank .The bank has recovered some of these losses by the end of the period.

I did email the site to ask why the race was selected as, not only were they amateur riders but also the going by the time racing started was markedly poorer than during the morning .The author of the system did respond by saying that this is the first loss in this type of race  he has experienced.

However I do think that as amateur races make up a very small portion of all races so  this  just might be a misleading stat to work with. Without this setback the system would have increased its profitable run.

So to the bank :

Opening Bank 200 points -12th May  225 points  Close 31st May =171.75 points (net of 5% B/F comms)