In addition to the TAPS service, I’ll be looking at a new lay system this month.

Lay And Win comes as a 15 page eBook. The book does not contain too much filler and gives a clear instructions on how to locate suitable lays. The system requires use of the Racing Post web site (free at the moment, but likely to charge for access in the future) with a final check of odds on Betfair. The system is limited to UK races only.

The selections can be made the evening before racing if required, which makes this an ideal system for those people that have to leave early for work.

Staking is suggested as 5% of your bank value as the system is supposed to be profitable at level stakes. A simple loss recovery staking plan is also included as an alternative.

The system aims for one selection per day – although there will be days where there are no suitable selections. The odds of the selection are expected to be fairly low (the system does give max and min odds as a final qualifier to prevent lays being made at too high odds).

Once again, I will post an update on progress every weekend, as posting during the week is difficult at present.